My Daily Routine

A. Monday-Friday Early Riser Exercise/Run, Teacher Planning, Blogs, and Moroccan Tea Zouhour 9:30 AM-12:00 pm My Kiddos! Bon-Appetit Lunch–Moroccan Street Foods Zohour 2:00 pm-4:00pm My Kiddos Part Two! Learn the Culture and Explore Rabat Hassan Tower, Chellah, Udayas, Restaurants, Medinas, Marina B. Weekends Unreal Adventures and Excursion Chefchaouen—The Blue Pearl of Morocco Sahara Desert—The RedContinue reading “My Daily Routine”

Educational Inequalities in Rabat

Pre-Primary School Facility: Walking into my pre-school, Zouhour, I was glad to see an area for both learning and playing. From my experience working with kids who have physical and mental disabilities or illness in Tallahassee, “Big Play,” or big movement was emphasized for growth in emotional, mental, and physical development. Zouhour has an areaContinue reading “Educational Inequalities in Rabat”