My Daily Routine

A. Monday-Friday

Early Riser

Exercise/Run, Teacher Planning, Blogs, and Moroccan Tea

Zouhour 9:30 AM-12:00 pm

My Kiddos!


Lunch–Moroccan Street Foods

Zohour 2:00 pm-4:00pm

My Kiddos Part Two!

Learn the Culture and Explore Rabat

Hassan Tower, Chellah, Udayas, Restaurants, Medinas, Marina

B. Weekends

Unreal Adventures and Excursion

Chefchaouen—The Blue Pearl of Morocco

Sahara Desert—The Red City (Marrakesh), Berber Culture, and my Camel named Zuber, which means always smiling😊

Fes—Oldest and largest Medina in Morocco

Casablanca—Hassan II Mosque

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