Hey! I’m Cayley!


My name is Cayley Williams and I am currently a Junior (about to be Senior :() ) studying Anthropology here at FSU. I am from Palm Beach County Florida, from a city called Lake Worth. Within Anthropology I am interested in both the biological side and the cultural side, and while I want to ultimately pursue a career in the biological sphere, my summer experience will be more of a cultural endeavor, which I am still excited for.

For my summer experience, I will be interning at the Palm Beach County Office of Elections, where I will be rotating through the various departments within the office, gaining experience in each. As someone who is involved in several mental health advocacy initiatives, and is getting a major that revolves around studying people, I am most excited about the nature of advocacy within this internship. Though I will not be participating in advocacy directly, I will be communicating with and registering voters, which I think will be valuable work.

I am expecting the internship to feel long and draining at times, as is the nature of office jobs/work. However, I am looking forward to being able to meet voters and talk to them, and work with people who are involved in the democratic process.

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