Hey! I’m Julie!

Hi! My name is Julie and I’m from Miami, Florida. I’m currently a first year Biochemistry major with hopes of adding an Italian minor in the near future and I love to explore, whether that be seeing the world or finding new places in my hometown. 

During this summer I’ll be serving through AmeriCorps to study the impacts of climate change in my local community. I am so proud of being a citizen of the unique place that is South Florida, and my hope is to get a better understanding of how global warming is currently affecting our beautiful ecosystem as well as its vulnerable residents and to help in important research that can assist in efforts to preserve our home and neighborhoods for generations to come.

As a Summer Vista, I expect to be able to have a lot of hands-on work in the community and to listen to a variety of different life stories from Miami’s diverse population. Research and community outreach are a large part of the position so I’m very excited to begin the process and have a better understanding how climate change is affecting people here and now.

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