Hey! I’m Alana!

My name is Alana Moses I am majoring in biological sciences and I am from Land O Lakes. Over the summer I will be participating in two volunteering experiences. One of the experiences I will be participating in is a research lab in the Psychology Department of FSU that focuses on reducing math anxiety in elementary school children. In the other experience, I will be participating in a mentorship program with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend. I expect from a combination of both of my experiences, to understand more aspects of child psychology, such as how educators can help students with math anxiety, and how the benefits of mentorship can benefit youth in dealing with their emotional issues. I am not completely sure how the mentorship will affect both me and the student I am mentoring, but we shall see!

This photo of hanging flowers represents me because it is a hidden beauty (In the cave this was in you had to look up to be able to notice them), and I feel this is me trying to find the beauty in life during finals week. 

Published by arm21cfsuedu

A Biological Sciences major who wants to pursue medical school.

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