Hey! I’m Eugene!

Hi, my name is Eugene but I go by Gene. I am a first year Sociology Major on a Pre-Law track in hopes of becoming a lawyer one day. I was born in Ocala, Florida but mainly raised in Fort Myers, Florida. I enjoy writing poetry, watching anime, and listening to all sorts of music. I am a member of the NAACP, part of the FSU Poetry Club, and was a part of Civic Influencers during the Fall.

For this summer I will be joining AmeriCorps for my experience through the NCCC Summer of Service program. I will be traveling to Vinton, Iowa in June for training and will be working with something along the lines of Environmental Management. I am hoping to be sent to a site where I will be working with disaster relief and clean-up but I am open to trying new experiences as well! It is related to my experience because it will deal with making the earth more sustainable and easier for humans to live in.

My expectations for this experience are overall not too much. For one I am just hoping to gain new insight, meet new people, and be able to help out communities. Going up north for my experience I feel like it will definitely be a change of scenery since I’ve lived in Florida for all my life. I’m also expecting to gain new insight into different cultures and from people of different backgrounds since there are young adults from all over the United States that will be in the program as well.

The only things that I am not exactly sure about for my experience is exactly where i’ll be stationed out at after I get done with training, and exactly what work I’ll be doing. I know that I will learn more about that after training but I am pretty anxious for that information as well.

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