Hey! I am Michelle!

Hi everyone! I am Michelle Gunn, and I am a second year from Orlando, Florida majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Public Administration. Over the summer, I plan on doing an AmeriCorps VISTA experience in Orlando. During this experience, I will be working with the Local Foods Initiative to plan and facilitate several food distribution events in partnership with community institutions. I will also be conducting research on local food deserts and resources to fill in gaps in access to healthy foods for local communities. Through this experience, I expect to be exposed to how nonprofit organizations and local governments work together to solve issues within the community. The only thing I am unsure about in my experience is working in communities that I have previously not been exposed to within my own hometown. I am feeling a bit uneasy about that because I feel that I am generally knowledgeable about my community, and I think finding out that I am ignorant about issues within my own community can possibly be rattling. Despite that, I think that the experience could be enriching and give me hands-on experience in community engagement and problem-solving.

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