Hey! I am Shantae! :)

Hi! My name is Shantae James. I am currently in my third year and I am from Montego Bay, Jamaica. I am pursuing a double major in International Affairs and Political Science and my career goal is to help develop economies in the Global South. I also have an interest in studying human rights and also migration patterns and how this affects different populations. This summer I will be participating in the FSU IP Human Rights program in Prague, Czech Republic from July 2-August 5. As apart of the program, I will be taking classes and also visiting sensitive sites. We will also be meeting representatives from organizations such as the UNHCR. Before the IP program, I may volunteer in Barcelona with sites that help accommodate migrants. I would also use this opportunity to help improve my Spanish. This additional experience is the only thing I am slightly unsure of since I would be doing this by myself (not facilitated by the school). But, I am still excited nonetheless. :))))))))

This is me because I am really stressed from a group project that it a big part of my final grade. I am also finalizing an additional experience for this summer and just want to have everything completed. I am very excited for what this summer has to offer, just stressed at the moment 🙃

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