Hey! I’m Veronika!

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Veronika Nash and I am from Daytona Beach! Currently I am a sophomore majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience, with a pre-medical track, hoping to go to medical school. Over the summer I plan on working with Second Harvest at Big Bend and then once the summer semester is over, I will be doing a CMA course. I am very excited to be able to view different forms of public health, helping the Tallahassee community in a direct and indirect way! I am nervous about the summer because I will be taking summer classes as well, where I am worried I will be falling behind in volunteering or my grades will slip. I am also worried that Second Harvest will not provide a lot of volunteering time per week to meet a certain time. However, with proper planning and being aware of the available shifts, I am sure that this problem will disappear! See you at the next post!

-Veronika N.

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