Hey! I am Daniella!

Hi everyone! My name is Daniella and I am in my second year at FSU and was born and grew up in New Jersey. I am double majoring in Psychology and International Affairs and minoring in Italian. Over the summer I will be staying at FSU completeing the TEFL program through the Center of Intensive English Studies. I am doing this becuase my main goal is to eventually work in the mental health field in Europe and I think having my certification to teach English abroad will give me more resources and job opprotunites abroad once I graduate. I am not sure yet if living a real adult life style in Europe will be for me, so I am hoping at the end of my experience I will be able to go to Europe and teach english so I can get a better understanding if that is what will be my best fit!

For my experience, I am expecting to have a better cross cultural understanding of the Enlgish language. Another expectation I have is taking advantage of the connections and opprotunites for finding work abroad that the TEFL program has. One thing I am unsure of is how useful the ceritifcation will actually be. I know that the program will prepare me to use my certification so I just need to be sure to do my part and make this experience as useful as it can be. Overall, I am extremley excited in taking my first steps in returning to Europe and I can not wait for all of the new things I am going to learn!

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