Hi! I’m Mariana!

Hello my name is Mariana Avila and I am a second year student studying behavioral neuroscience. I was born and raised in Miami and my family is from Colombia. During the summer I hope to volunteer at a health clinic that offers free primary care to low-income residents of South Florida. As a volunteer I would be helping the staff with any front desk, administrative or patients care needs. I would love to volunteer for a clinic because something I am passionate about and hope to accomplish in the future is providing free medical care to underserved communities.

Some expectations I have for this experience is really just to learn. I want to experience how it is to work in a medical setting and how to interact with patients. I would also like to learn more about health care systems and the opinions of the medical staff  about the system that the US currently has. Something that I am unsure of in this experience is that it is a volunteer position meaning I will not be financially compensated, so I will probably have to find a job too. I am taking online classes so it might be a lot time wise. However, I still would love to go through with the experience if I am accepted, I know that however the summer goes, I can figure out the financial situation. 

This is me right now because I have 4 finals, Iā€™m feeling the burnout at the end of the semester, and I’m just trying to move forward with my summer experience. But it will all be ok šŸ˜€

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