Hey! I am Diana!

Hi, my name is Diana Morillo. I am a junior majoring in international affairs with a minor in Information Technologies and a concentration in Public Administration. I am from Miami, Florida and will be traveling to Agadir, Morocco this summer! I will be working for a organization called Connect Institute. This organization allows young adults from the ages of 18-25 to indulge in their personal projects with assistance from interns like myself and are able to carry out their independent research.

I will be working as a middle-man as well to reach out to other universities that could have access to programs like this so that students could have more global insight. I am very excited, the whole process however is a new complete experience, I’ve never been to Africa, more so alone, so I really need to plan ahead and understand a little bit more of the culture before I go.

I’m super excited for Morocco but these last two weeks of school have me like this. So a mix of emotions.

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