Update on my Goals

The goals I set at the beginning of my gap year were these:

  1. Improve my Hebrew
  2. Explore different cultures throughout Israel
  3. Learn about policy and how it affects the conflicts and people’s daily lives

I feel that I have achieved these goals, but I will continue working on them because there is always more to learn. Through classes and organized trips, I have spoken with people from many different backgrounds and religions, and I look forward to the many more opportunities I will have to learn about different people in Israel, their lives, and their opinions. I have found it challenging to really practice my Hebrew because most people on my program don’t speak Hebrew, so I spend my days speaking English 90% of the time. I try my best to speak Hebrew when I can, but my environment this past semester didn’t allow me to speak it as much as I wanted. Next semester, I will be working with Israelis and be able to speak Hebrew on a daily basis. As I start this new semester, I am setting new goals for myself. 

  1. Regarding my internship: Do research about the field I will be working in and prepare to work and develop new skills in a completely new environment
  2.  Make an effort to speak Hebrew at work, use Hebrew menus, and speak to my counselors and Israeli friends in Hebrew
  3. Use my free time productively and make time just for myself
  4. Plan ahead for meals, meal prep

Before going to college, I want to find things I love doing alone whenever I want to relieve stress or get a break. I am excited to have so much freedom and independence this semester, which will allow me to grow professionally through my internship and manage my own free time. I am now responsible for cooking all of my meals as well as cleaning communal spaces, so navigating this while balancing work will be an exciting learning opportunity!

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