Summer Map

When mapping out my surroundings this summer and comparing them to the atmosphere at FSU, I noticed that there are a lot of differences.

At FSU, my surroundings are more chaotic. There are many different places that I need to be at different times of the day. However, during EMT school there are fewer places I may need to go to (only fire rescue, hospital, or class) and I would stay there for the entire day. In addition, my FSU map is much more contained because everything is within walking distance. On the other hand, my EMT school map is much farther spread out because it is a long drive to my school and my hospital shifts. My fire station is a bit closer, but it is still not within walking distance.

While adapting to this new atmosphere, I have had to change my routine to account for travel time and accidents every morning. However, I have found that I have liked the change because it is more simplistic compared to my chaotic schedule at FSU.

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