I just finished EMT school a few days ago and it feels bitter-sweet. I am excited to work, but I am going to miss the community my class has developed. Currently, I am in the process of registering for the national registry EMT exam to obtain Florida licensure.

Personally, I feel that EMT school has reinforced my decision to go into the medical field. The critical thinking, decision making, and life-altering scenarios kept me on my toes and never failed to push me farther out of my comfort zone. I loved EMT school because it requires not just cognitive development, but personal development as well. Compared to my experiences at FSU, this was a nice change of pace because my classes so far have only tested my cognitive knowledge. EMT school has made me better at thinking on my feet, upholding a professional image, and withstanding pressure in uncontrolled environments.

As for the CapStone project, I am still debating on what my overarching topic will be.

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