Mali Weingarten’s Blog Post

Today we are highlighting another one of our UROP students, Mali Weingarten! Mali is a sophomore from Winter Park, Florida majoring in Nursing and Public Health. She hopes to one day earn her DNP as a family Nurse Practitioner. In addition to her involvement in UROP, Mali is a part of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society, an organization that recognizes engaged and well-rounded Undergraduate students at FSU. 

She is currently doing research under her mentors Roxanne Hughes and Shannon Davidson working on the project “Understanding the Role of Professional Development on Educators’ Science Teaching.” During this time she has been “doing literature reviews researching K-12 educators’ influence on students’ sense of belonging in STEM, as well as effective professional development for science teachers.”

Mali’s favorite part of UROP has been receiving the opportunity to be immersed in research outside the classroom and to explore her various interests outside of her major. She has enjoyed surrounding herself with high-achieving peers and having class discussions about the wide range of research topics that are being investigated.

If you are considering applying for UROP, Mali gives you this advice: “definitely apply for UROP, it is an undergraduate research experience like no other. You get to engage with high-achieving students from various backgrounds and receive the ability to explore your interests, while guided by amazing mentors and leaders.”

Next year, Mali will be continuing her research at FSU. Mali hopes to explore research questions surrounding the nursing field to see if she could teach or research on her own one day. 

Thank you for your contribution to research and the FSU community Mali!

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