Alexis Tallon’s Blog Post

Today we are highlighting one of UROP Students, Alexis Tallon-Rendon! Alexis is a transfer student from Miami majoring in Chemical Engineering. A fun fact about her is that her great-grandma went to FSU around 70 years ago! She is currently doing research under her mentor, Juyeong Choi, where she is studying the Simulation of Building Demolition Operations. 

When Alexis is not doing research you can find her baking some muffins or cookies. Alexis loves to study on campus at the Dirac library. When asked her favorite part about UROP Alexis says it is “the sense of community” between her and her classmates. She “likes to hear about their research, their challenges, and the positive things they have to say.” 

To a student who is considering applying for UROP Alexis says that “the UROP program will help guide you through your research no matter what previous experience you have. It is a great chance to learn and get involved in research.”

Next year Alexis may be continuing work with her current mentor or doing research elsewhere to explore a new field. Alexis says that “UROP has taught me how to get involved in research at FSU.” 

Thank you for your contribution to research and the FSU community Alexis!

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