The difference between  Mosquitoes & Leaches.

In the Philippines there are mosquitos everywhere. They fly small and hard to see at times. The Leaches are in plan sight. There are very subtle difference between the two. When biten by a mosquito you may feel it or see it happening, even if you were completely unaware of the interaction a inch and bump with be there to remind you.  This is hopefully so that you remember to dress for them or to wear a repellent. When bitten by a leach, one is fooled by blindly trusting that the environment they exist in could never be out for its own interests even when it mean at one’s expense. As a species we don’t have much in the way of predators but almost all animals have their own parasites. Some like Leaches are even prey on members of their own communities. As a diver now seeing firsthand how much of an impact people can have in their immediate surroundings im trying to be more conscious of my own impact. I’ve been using alot of bug repellents to combat the mosquitos. The issue is that they are not the best for the environment or my skin. To remedy this I tried an organic repellent and noticed it was quite horrible at its job. This is when a I realized I had been bitten by a leach. I loved the smell of the organic option and thought I’d look into the ingredients to gain some understanding about its active ingredients. The main active ingredient was the wrong plant from the same species. This is what made the organic option the inferior choice. Being bitten by the mosquitos sucks but being mislead and sold a lie doesn’t physically sting. This is how leaches get there ends.

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