My Gap Year and Future at Florida State University

Throughout my gap year, I have had many outstanding and remarkable experiences. One of my fondest experiences was working as an IT intern at a data management company. I remember waking up at the crack of dawn and talking with coworkers about what work must be completed that day. I enjoyed the working environment and throughout the internship, I gained knowledge about technology as well as about myself. Furthermore, an experience in my gap year that stands out is earning my real estate license. I worked with my brokerage before I had my real estate license and knew that once I turned 18 it would be the next step in my real estate career. I am excited to continue working as a real estate agent now as well as to expand my career to Florida when given the opportunity to. A more recent meaningful experience in my gap year was getting my pictures taken for my FSUID and my visa for Spain. As I was getting my photos taken, I thought about my future at Florida State University as well as how my time will be spent next year while being abroad. 

During my gap year experience, my perspective on my academic college career and my life itself has been reinforced. Before my gap year experience, I thought I had interests in both technology as well as in real estate. During my gap year experience, I was able to solidify my interests and further develop my knowledge in computer science and real estate. On the other hand, my expectations for college have somewhat changed. Since I am part of the first year abroad program, I am expecting to study abroad in Spain and Italy over the first twelve months of my freshman year. Due to my development in my professional career, I now have the goal of continuing my real estate career remotely as well as working to advance my technological skills, hopefully through the setting of another remote job. Furthermore, I also plan to set strict goals regarding my academic courses both in my first year abroad and during the rest of my years at Florida State University.  Ultimately, my gap year experience has forced me to develop as a human being and to create new goals for not only my time at Florida State University but also for the rest of my life.

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