New Gap Year Students

I have a couple tips for upcoming gap year students. Firstly, I find it to be most productive to set specific deadlines for tasks to be completed. Throughout my gap year experience, I have found that using deadlines is extremely useful in order to complete any task whether it be writing a blog post, earning my real estate license, or even something as small as cleaning my room. Moreover, I personally find that if the goals I wish to achieve are broken down into smaller goals the bigger picture is easier to accomplish. For example, creating a schedule to complete pre-licensing coursework for a real estate license and managing when certain sections will be finished. Next, I suggest that anyone taking a gap year thinks about their future not only at Florida State University but also beyond. The time during the gap year experience allows for a great time to decide how to spend the rest of one’s college career. For instance, I was able to participate in an IT internship enforcing my interest in technology and computer science, therefore, giving me a deeper understanding of what I wish to study at Florida State University. Furthermore, the gap year experience forced me to focus on my career and life past Florida State University. I have been able to determine my career interests and set broad goals that will help me become the most successful version of myself. Ultimately, the gap year experience is an extremely important time to be productive and to gain knowledge as well as understanding about oneself. 

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