Update On My Goals

I feel that I am doing a good job progressing towards my goals. Almost every day of every week, I use my time to work with the two companies. However, I am still working out how to find a balance between the two. My main focus going into this year was to gain valuable business knowledge. I believe I am doing that. I would say that there is a lot that has been going well lately. I have finally seen some success with what I am doing and seeing that is rewarding. I have lined up a few accounts for the molecular diagnostic lab and hopefully in a few months we will see some success there. The thing that is the most challenging is the amount of control I have. Being in the position I am, there are many things out of my control. I am fine with it being this way. However, some days it is frustrating. Things take longer than I would like and I feel pressure to make things work before my gap year is up. Other than this, I have been very happy with what has been happening.

My goals have stayed the same for the most part. The only thing I would need to change is the time frame I thought they would be accomplished. Like I mentioned before, things have taken a little longer than I expected to develop. I need to be more patient. I was hoping to have a lot set up by this fall. I will have to accept that I may need to work on it while I am in FSU as well. Moving forward, I will focus on being more proactive and having some more patience.

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