November Blog: Self Reflection

How has your view of yourself changed? how has your worldview changed?

Hello all,

With November being over, I am about a third of the way through my Gap year, and (unfortunately) approaching the end of my first experience; I will be returning home mid December. At this point I have been out of high school for 6 months so for this blog I want to write about how my views have changed since then. Having spent two months living in the cloud forest of Costa Rica, I have seen an amount of nature that was previously only in national geographic magazines. The trees and ferns, the birds and insects, the reptiles and mammals that I have seen here are so outlandish and precious. I have always wanted to protect and preserve this planet’s inhabitants, but getting to see and experience some of that beauty has only doubled down on that stance. Since high school, my worldview has shifted more towards our place in this world being like any other animal, and that as a dominant species we should be interfering with the rest of the world as little as possible. On a smaller and less serious scale, my view of myself has changed as well. From my time traveling by myself, I see myself as more responsible and independent than before both that I have become more so and I am seeing it now. The biggest change to my self view is my perception of my motivation. From interacting with a variety of people and spending time traveling alone I now see myself as far more motivated than I previously thought. I will be interested to see if and how my views change further during the remainder of my Gap year.

Until next time, Owen Jackson

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