Overcoming Challenges

Hi again! Happy September! So far I have been very fortunate to experience such a great gap year thus far. I love everything that I am involving myself in, as well as the people I have surrounded myself with. I currently work at a boutique with 5 awesome women and we have truly created a family-like dynamic that I adore being a part of. They have created a powerful support system for me and are always helping me reach my goals for that day, week, etc. Recently one of the women I work with quit, which brought a lot of sadness to me and the rest of the girls at the store. Her decision was extremely beneficial in order for her to reach her own goals, which we were all very happy about. But of course when you lose a teammate, friend, family member, it can feel like a piece is missing. The dynamic has definitely shifted a little bit and we miss her creative ideas, however we have adjusted quickly. It really brought to life the lesson of never taking anything for granted, although this is on a small scale and I still talk to her often, I lost a co-worker who I really enjoyed working with. Now when something happens I have to text her about it instead of being able to share the moment with her in person, which makes me nostalgic and sad. Another real life lesson it taught me was never to settle. There are constantly new opportunities to involve myself in and take part of, and I should always be aware and ready for a quick change if it is beneficial for me and reaching my goals. 

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