Appreciating my Individual Journey

Hello! This question took me a while to think about as I truly have adjusted quite easily. So that’s my answer. I never thought I would have adjusted as well as I have. Living with my family especially has made it an experience that I can truly enjoy, as I don’t have the stress of meal planning, rent, etc. Although moving to a new state 3 days after graduation and committing to a school I have never toured was a little scary, I feel as though It was a lot less scary than it sounds. What scared me at first was the idea of me missing out, all of my friends making new memories and indulging themselves in new experiences together made me feel weird and sad. I think it is safe to say that I have overcome this mindset and fear of missing out over time. I believe this is because I am having so much fun! Without my group of friends from work, my family, the beach, this transition may have been a little bit more difficult. A bonus to moving to the beach means everyone wants to come visit which has also been such an essential part of my experience. It can be hard not seeing people your age for long periods of time, which is why when my friends get the chance they are so sweet to come visit me and let me visit them. Because I was so worried about missing out on experiences with my friends I began to realize that I am still making memories too. It may not be with them, but I can still tell them all about it. Also, because the gap year experience causes freshman admission to be delayed a year, it just means I am encountering the college experiences my friends are currently enjoying a year later. At first I felt like I was missing out, when really I am just involving myself more and creating unique experiences that will benefit me in the long run. 

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