Daily Life

My alarm goes off at 5:30am after another too-short night. I get dressed, eat a quick breakfast, and head to another 10-12 hour day working in the barn. My daily chores include feeding the horses, tacking them up, brushing them, bathing them, cleaning stalls, keeping the barn tidy; you name it! To be completely honest, it’s labor-intensive, dirty, and sweaty… the heat index in August in Ocala, FL, is usually in the 100s! Is it glamorous? Absolutely not. Do I adore it? Absolutely.

Hearing the horses neigh every time I come into the barn fills me with joy. I love the satisfaction of brushing a horse until it’s coat shines. I can already feel myself learning more and more about how to properly care for high-level competition horses as well as how to manage a successful top equine business. Every day is a true learning experience.

Most days, I have a riding lesson on my competition horse, Toddy. I am grateful to learn from a top level rider such as my coach, and especially grateful that I get to experience it several times a week! My riding has improved leaps and bounds, and I am feeling extremely ready for the competition season ahead. If everything goes to plan, I will be riding in an international level show in April 2022!

To sum it up, my daily life is exhausting, but I love it. I am learning so much, and truly feel that my hard work is being rewarded. I think that this year will truly prepare me for whatever the future throws at me… but, hopefully my future won’t include my alarm ringing before 6:00 in the morning!!

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