My Daily Life

My daily routine for September changes almost every week. The most consistent aspect is my job and internship at a boutique located in Ponte Vedra called Rosie True. I am there for about 4-5 days out of the week and my hours vary from day to day, most often being 10 am – 6 pm. It’s a lot, but I am really enjoying my time there. I am very fortunate that this job/ internship fulfills many of my wants and needs. When I am working I am modeling new arrivals, creating posts and layouts for our social media, talking with shoppers and ringing them up, and of course carrying out customer service needs. As someone who adores fashion and marketing this job feels like a slice of heaven. For example, being able to dress mannequins or create outfits for myself to model are little tasks that really allow me to be creative, which is why I fell in love with the field of marketing in the first place. 

As of right now events with Beaches Go Green vary depending on the month, however September is packed with events that I am very excited to be a part of. The first event coming up is the “Sisters of The Sea 23rd Annual Women’s Surf Classic” which is an eco-friendly all female surf competition. My role at this event will be helping set up the event and volunteering in a beach cleanup that morning. During the second day of this event I will be volunteering at the educational village during “Fin Fest” with the Beaches Go Green organization. Throughout the month we have several beach cleanups and “Eco-Cinema” events, which are movie screening events used to educate the public on the importance of ocean conservation!

When I am not volunteering or working I am most likely working on creating my fashion and lifestyle blog. Right now I am starting the design and set up of my blog using wix and organizing my ideas in terms of the content I want to put out on my blog. I also babysit every Tuesday morning for 3 hours which I have been enjoying a lot as child care has always been a joyful aspect to my weekly schedule. One of my main ideas in terms of my gap year goals was taking time to fulfill my own personal goals, one of them being reading the bible. I have just recently started a 1 year bible study plan where I read a certain amount of the bible and then tune into the podcast for that day that helps me better interpret what I have read. I am someone who loves to be on a schedule so this system has worked really well for me. In terms of how I spend my time on the weekends really differs, last weekend I kayaked down the Wakulla river which was a beautiful getaway from the rough waters here at the beach. As I have recently moved to a new state my parents and I have been enjoying taking day trips and enjoying Florida’s natural beauty. 

See you next month!! 


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