Hey! I am Lauren!

My name is Lauren and I’m participating in FSU’s Gap Year Program. This year I plan to prepare for a year abroad in Valencia, Spain at FSU’s campus. I’ve lived in the same town my entire life, so this year I want to look at it from a new perspective before I leave for school. I’m from Illinois and I decided to take gap year because I am looking to further research a career in international government and continue learning Spanish. I have a passion for giving back to my community and furthering my education.

I believe there is never a time to be static with our minds, as we should always be progressing them forward. While I will take a break from formal school during my gap year, I will not stop learning and engaging in activities to challenge my mind. At the same time, it is vital to not develop a rigid thought pattern when it comes to this year, as I want to enjoy this flexibility.

My plans are to volunteer with a Spanish speaking church called Iglesia del Pueblo out of Wheaton Bible Church through their youth programs. They have tutoring services as well as child care opportunities for me to participate in. I am eager to see the connections I will be able to make with kids as I learn conversational Spanish from them.

Most importantly, this year will be utilized for self-discovery and growth. I am ready to become more mature throughout this time and learn valuable insights about myself.

2 thoughts on “Hey! I am Lauren!

  1. To be fair, I can’t think of a better way to learn Spanish than an immersion experience! It sounds like you’re really gonna have your work cut out for you when volunteering there between children and other service opportunities within the church. I am interested to see if your faith blossoms over the following year as you’re surrounded by a spiritual environment or if you remain static in that sense. I wish you the best of luck as you tackle this service opportunity.


  2. So excited to hear that someone is also doing the Seminole Pathways program as well as the GYP! I like that you are trying to prioritize self improvement and introspection, as that’s not something a lot of people have the opportunity to do when they’re young, as it’s hard to balance that and school at the same time. Looking forward to get to know you better!


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