Hey! I’m Gavin!

Hello, I am Gavin Hessler, and I am from a small town in Florida called Plant City. Although I did well in school, I feel that the most defining thing in my life is the way I spend my free time. My best memories come from when I am free of the responsibilities in life. With my time, I like to play basketball, travel, relax, fish, cook and have game nights with my friends. It really doesn’t matter what I am doing. I am just happy to be in the moment, enjoying my life to the fullest. I am also very passionate about giving back to the community. With my free time I volunteer throughout Florida, and I referee sports games. If I had unlimited money and time, I would spend it bettering the community around me and the communities around the world. My goal in life is to be financially secure so that I can make this dream a reality. I know that it is childish to believe that my world can exist without any responsibility; and that it is naive to think that money is the solution to everything. However, I know I will find a healthy balance. I plan on working relentlessly until my goal is achieved. A big step is becoming financially secure. That is the main reason why I chose to take this gap year.

In my gap year, my plan is to intern underneath a successful businessman who has just started a new company. During the year, I will be aiding in research, development, advertising, and selling. On top of that, he will be mentoring me and passing down a lot of his “business” knowledge. I plan to work directly with the company so that I can get real world experience. I feel that I learn best in this type of environment. It’s similar to how I was taught to swim. I was thrown into the deep end with someone underneath to guide me in case I sunk. You learn to swim on your own, but you have that support there to teach you along the way. I feel that this opportunity will give me the knowledge of what it really takes to become successful. My expectations for the year are simple. I don’t care about the money or the hours. I want to walk away from this year with knowledge and connections so that when I start my career, I am ready for it. Along with this internship, I will be working as a part time referee. I have done this for 6 years now and it offers a great way to coach and mentor kids. I will also be volunteering with the Plant City Optimist Club, the Plant City Community Garden, and Little Paws Animal Rescue. I have many connections through these organizations, and I am very happy that I will have another year to help out in whatever way I can.

3 thoughts on “Hey! I’m Gavin!

  1. This seems like a very solid plan for the year! How motivated and goal-oriented this post is really seems to speak to your character as well. I hope you come out of this year with as much business knowledge as possible, I’m sure that you will.


  2. That’s amazing that your dream is to better your community. What a selfless dream to have! I’m glad that you’ve been given this opportunity to learn the world of business; I hope it leads you to your perfect career path!


  3. I admire the solid goals you have set for your gap year. Learning about your future career path and giving back to your community are amazing opportunities for personal growth, as well. I am interested to see this new company develop and your knowledge of the business world grow.


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