Hey! I’m Grace!

Hello there, and welcome to my first official blog post! My name is Grace Hirshfeld, and I’m from Wesley Chapel, FL. I like to bake, write, and watch movies. I’ve lived in Florida for most of my life and I’m ready to try something new (in a new climate) for my gap year. Growing up, I didn’t know a lot of other Jewish people in my hometown. As a result, I’ve always been interested in exploring my Jewish identity. So, I knew I wanted to branch out from my home town for my gap year to explore “who I am” as well as what is means to “do good” in a community.

Following my interests, I will be going to Portland, OR to participate in a Jewish gap program, Tivnu: Building Justice, at the end of the summer. While I’m there, I will get to live with other Jewish people, volunteer, intern, and explore the Pacific Northwest. I’m so excited. As for my expectations for my time in Portland, I am planning on exploring my personal interests while expanding my horizons. I want to grow as an individual and as a young adult in society.

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