Hi! My name is Ivy!

Hi! I am Ivy Johnson and I am from Jacksonville Beach, Florida… kinda. I’ve made my way around the south as I have just recently moved to Florida from Raleigh, North Carolina. Prior to Raleigh I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, but my true roots come from Wilmington, North Carolina. You could say i’ve adjusted to the idea of drastic change quite nicely, and I actually find myself getting bored the minute a new opportunity for change isn’t present. However, the pandemic allowed me to take a minute to reflect and slow down my fast paced lifestyle, which at the end of the day was very much needed and eye- opening. I found myself having time to do the things I actually loved and was able to reflect on myself and my future, which lead me to finding Florida States Gap Year Fellowship program. As someone who likes to constantly stay busy and have a strict schedule, taking a year off of school sounded crazy to me at first. But then I began to think of all the things I could fill my year with that will benefit me as a student and future citizen in the workforce. Before I get into my goals for my gap year, I think I should further introduce myself.

I am a girl who loves my friends, family, and fashion. If I’m not rewatching runway shows I am probably somewhere on the beach. Having a mother in a creative industry I have always found myself appreciative of the arts and the many forms that they may come in. Whether it’s fashion, architecture, music, and even just a business logo. My love for aesthetically pleasing visuals steered me in the direction of Marketing and fashion merchandising, which I plan to study at FSU. Due to growing up at the beach, conservation of our oceans has been engraved into my mind which has further impacted my perspective on the issues we face with micropastics and littered beaches in general.

For my gap year I have decided to mix both my passions with my future career goals. I will be shadowing a marketing agency on days when they are doing something that will offer a beneficial learning experience to me. I will also shadow on less eventful days in order for me to get the whole view of what it is like it work at a marketing agency. I will also be working at a local boutique and interning with the owner for marketing and social media management. In terms of my love for my local beaches I will be volunteering with an organization called Beaches Go Green. This organization hosts events for beach cleanups, as well as educational events for younger children in the community. I will also be assisting with marketing and graphic design needs throughout the year. During my time off I will also be nannying and creating a fashion blog!

I am very content and excited to begin my gap year!

3 thoughts on “Hi! My name is Ivy!

  1. I can’t wait to follow the fashion blog!! I’m not so great with fashion, but I do love marketing and the beach. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience and I wish you the best of luck!


    1. Ivy, your year sounds amazing! I love how your childhood on the beach has shaped you into the passionate environmentalist you are today. Fast fashion is a huge detriment to the environment, so it’s great to see you volunteering to clean up beaches. I am so excited to see what you accomplish this year!


  2. Hey Ivy! The pandemic left so many of us scared and isolated, but also with time to actually consider what we wanted our futures to look like and reassess how we were spending our lives pre-quarantine (I never thought I’d be the type to take a gap year either).I love how you plan to tie in your love for beaches and bettering the planet into your gap year through service and work experience while still focusing on your other passions like fashion. Can’t wait to see what you do!


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