Nicholis Perez: Improving Time Management

Reflecting up till this point, one area that I’ve grown in would have to be my time management skills, since the research project I am working on takes a lot of planning and delegation. Since I must interview individuals with ties to the hospitality industry it is my job to reach out and set up times where both of us can interact, which can be difficult at times because of my schedule colliding with theirs. I also think my time management skill shave improved because of my ability to work ahead of up-and-coming assignments given to me by the Tech Fellows program, which are checkpoints for the research project itself and weekly blog posts. Usually, I tend to put things off longer than I should, yet I am proud of how I’ve been managing my time lately. 

My time management skills have improved since starting my internship with Starter Studio too, since the AG tech project I have been assigned to requires this of me. Every week, I meet with my supervisor to discuss my progress on the project, giving me more freedom to work on it at my own pace. This hasn’t stopped me, however, from pushing myself to continue my research into the topics and dig deeper for more information on the field. I think my time management skills have improved thus far because of how interested I am in the subject, giving me motivation to work on the project and truly put effort into it. I think that, when an individual is intrigued by the content of a task, they have an easier time focusing on the material and the tasks asked of them. In this case, I love to learn more about the entrepreneurial avenues that the world has to offer, forever changing as more brilliant minds bring their ideas to the table. All in all, I’ve never been much of a planner but I feel like the Tech Fellows program and my internship have helped me improve on an area that I was lacking in, hopefully continuing to do so in other areas in the time to come.

2021 Tech Fellow Nicholis Perez

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