This is me, Matt.

Hello, My name is Matthew Benjamin Kaplan, I was born in Atlanta Georgia and have grown up here my whole life. The thing is I have a lot of second homes, there is the Chen house (my best friend), Disney world, and Northwood, New Hampshire. My homes are what define me. To be more specific, my first home will always have the most impact. My parents have taught me kindness, respect, social skills, and most of all how to spend your time the best way. They have shaped me into a person who lives life to the fullest at any given time because time runs fast.

My best friend and I have shaped each other’s lives tremendously. He keeps me in check and I can thank him for helping to guide my morals and ethics through the last 15 years. From Pokemon, to Harry Potter, to Star Wars, to Marvel, he and I have been doing it all together, and if its not at the exact same time we will recap over the phone. If anyone asks I consider him and his family to be immediate family of mine. 

Disney is my inner child, my happiness and happy place. My family is obsessed with the entire brand, the amusement parks, the movies, and the music especially. Crazy enough I believe I can recognize and sing 95% of disney songs. I love it and it continues to show me that sometimes I just need to smile and have fun.

Lastly when asked to identify myself I would fixate on my ability to zone in and get things done. These abilities surfaced first during my SIT summer at camp located in Northwood. I realized I love making an impact on others lives and seeing faces light up with joy. This inspired me to get into community service and unlocked my love of giving back. 

My Gap year plans fall in line with that last paragraph, I plan on going to Israel on a program that will allow me to spend lots of time learning and giving back. Since I recognize that a year with no learning is not such a smart Idea I decided to go with a program to help give me a structured way to do more than community service. I expect to have a life changing year both mentally and spiritually all while having the time of my life with old and new friends!

2 thoughts on “This is me, Matt.

  1. Hey! I really liked how you mentioned your personal interests (like Harry Potter, Disney, and Marvel). I’m excited to see how you like Israel – eat some extra falafel for me.


  2. I am so excited to be in Israel together! I think it’s super neat that we will both be on the same program, yet also having unique experiences based on our interests. Also, I feel like overall this post was a great way to start to get to know you… see you in Israel šŸ™‚


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