Nicholis Perez: Researching the Unknown

As I continue my internship with Starter Studio I face more and more challenges along the way, serving to test of my skills and determination as a future entrepreneur. One of the biggest and most recent challenges I’ve been given is being the lead intern on an AG Tech Profile, a detailed project scope and deliverables that will serve as the foundation for a new business accelerator being created in the lower part of Central Florida. With this project, I am doing diligent research on the largest agricultural technology sectors in the U.S., focusing on what these sectors specialize in and what companies lead the way in their specific fields. After determining the top sectors of AG tech in the U.S. I will narrow my scope to the sectors that are being used in Florida, specifically the sectors that have the largest presence within the agricultural scene.

What makes this so challenging it that there are thousands of different companies experimenting with AG tech in Florida alone, so pinpointing the most prominent and widespread technologies has been a bit of a challenge. Another challenge has been finding an equal balance of technologies that help farmers raise livestock and animals versus plants, since most of the AG tech I have researched is heavily focused on horticulture. I think this is because Florida is ranked 2nd among states and their value of sales with produce, being ranked 1st among all states in sod values of sales. Nonetheless, getting the most overcasting picture of the AG tech scene in Florida is my top priority and I won’t let the challenges I face get the best of me.  

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