Lapadre Proctor: A Warm Welcome and Hubspot

There were a couple things that I didn’t expect when I first started working at Domi Station. I initially expected them to be strict. But once I met everyone on zoom everyone was so relaxed and level headed. I expected everyone to be so busy they would not have much time to talk with the interns and also just have fun or chat. But everyone balances their work and is time oriented, so they always have time for us when we need help and were able to take breaks. I also did not expect Domi station to have a ping pong table. During an event called First Friday we had a ping pong tournament after we had a meeting learning everything about the company. 

During this meeting we went over a lot of SOPs, learned more information about the company, the resources we can utilize as interns, and a lot of the company policies and procedures. I learned about a couple of cool resources one of them being a site called HubSpot. On HubSpot you can link your email and it tracks email sent between you and other people and shows how long they looked at the email when they were sent. This website is so helpful because it gives receipts of everything that happens and lets you log information for others to see. 

2021 Tech Fellow Lapadre Proctor

Lets say you have a phone call with someone you can save their contact info and who they are and what they do so everyone can see it. Then it logs that call so if anyone else needs to call them or contact them in the company it stores that information and they can even find out what was talked about on the call so they can do a follow up call. There were other websites that we learned about that are very helpful and allowed us to contact people and network with them. I will definitely be using HubSpot to network with others in the company and let them know who I am. Those were the things about Domi Station that I did not expect. 

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