David Wedderburn: A Few Surprises from the Start

Being completely new to the entrepreneurial sector, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect
going into my internship with Tampa Bay Wave. Nevertheless, I was taken aback by a few
surprises that I have noticed during my time with the organization.

The immediate Tampa Bay Wave team is composed of the Chief Executive Officer–Linda
Olson–and six other of my fellow colleagues. For a company that has raised over $400 million in capital, that is a tiny group of individuals. With such a limited number of workers, each employee has to perform at a swift and efficient pace. Additionally, each member of the team also needs to have a multifaceted skill set to operate in an environment such as Tampa Bay Wave. The hats of my colleagues often stack up at great heights; however, there are still certain benefits in operating a company with minimal employees.

Tampa Bay Wave CEO Linda Olson

A company can quickly implement a familial culture with fewer members. A prime example of this is Tampa Bay Wave. During every Friday meeting, we are asked to talk about updates regarding both work and life. Examples include what each person’s weekend plans might be, family updates, or upcoming trips that they’re planning. We give information on our personal lives to connect and support one another regarding life outside the office. As a result, it can quickly strengthen work relationships and foster an environment of inclusivity and connectedness.

An additional surprise that I had since I began working at Tampa Bay Wave was the
smooth communication between leadership. With fewer “hoops to jump through” to get in
contact with your supervisor or fellow coworker, I have witnessed an increase in overall pace and communication. This remarkably benefits Tampa Bay Wave as a whole because it minimizes the waiting process, resulting in more time to complete work tasks and large projects.

Admittedly, something else that surprised me about Tampa Bay Wave is the impact it has
had on the surrounding Tampa bay area. I was shocked that many other companies in Tampa knew who we were, our mission, and our outstanding track record. All in all, I am thankful that I have only stumbled upon good surprises at Tampa Bay Wave.

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