Alex: Needs in the Tallahassee Economic Ecosystem

Alex Jeannite is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellows who is interning at Tampa Bay Wave.

This week I was asked to look at the needs of the Tallahassee economic ecosystem. I am originally from West Palm Beach, so Tallahassee’s economic ecosystem was a new experience for me. My initials thoughts are about building a strong foundation career and financial literacy for the ecosystem. Financial literacy is not regularly taught in schools. I feel as if it were to be implemented it would in turn help the ecosystem grow. By helping the citizens of an ecosystem they will in turn help the ecosystem grow as well.

I think career oriented outreach or education can also help to strengthen the ecosystem as it seems students are often taught that your only choice after high school is college and nothing else. For many students hat could actually be the furthest thing from the truth. There are quite a few different potential career pathways after high school that doesn’t involve the pursuit of higher education. For example, trade school is not a wide known option for many. I feel as if introducing alternative opportunities after school to the ecosystem greatly benefits the development of the ecosystem and its residents.

I mention these two things in particular because I feel as if you want to benefit or contribute to the betterment of an ecosystem, you have to support the people who contribute to that ecosystem. So rather than simply introducing high end resources right away, start by introducing the fundamentals to consumers. Have the high end resources and programs at the end so everyone can benefit rather than only a select few. Personally speaking, I think introducing more financial literacy and more career options to the ecosystem would work wonders, for the simple reason that if you imagine an ecosystem as a plant and the citizens as the nutrients needed to grow that ecosystem how can an ecosystem grow if the nutrients provided aren’t beneficial to it.

I think Tallahassee’s ecosystem is more suited towards either entrepreneurs or people who already have established skills, yet that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial to people just starting out either. Case in point, would have to be Domi Station, which is a co-working space that is open to the public and is for entrepreneurs either experienced or amateurs. It allows everyday citizens to come in and just learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur and how they can potentially turn their ideas into businesses. This is something I’d love to see in West Palm Beach as I feel like there are many great potential businesses that simply don’t know where to begin at and this could help them and the ecosystem too!

One thought on “Alex: Needs in the Tallahassee Economic Ecosystem

  1. Financial Literacy is most definitely something that should be stressed in high school. Understanding how to set and meet financial goals is essential if you are to get anything done.


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