Adel: Balancing Reopening and Remote Work

The main focus of my internship with Domi Station so far has been to help its leadership figure out how to properly open up its co-working space. We have been working to maneuver and reorganize protocols in order to allow members continued access while still taking precautionary measures against COVID-19. Domi Station has to balance the safety of its co-working space members and its need to reopen. This can be difficult because most of the space at Domi is open and we need to create enough space in-between desks while having enough for all paying co-working members. I know that Domi is always striving to look at the changes in society and work towards adapting our policies and procedures to address the needs of our members.

As we make plans for Domi to re-open, I still have to balance working remotely. It has honestly had its ups and downs but working remotely has proven to have its benefits. To keep us all up to date on our tasks, Domi team members have a meeting every day at 2 pm where we talk about things that we are working on, how are day was, and any leftover notes that need to be addressed later in the week. Some days I have more free time to be with my family while also being able to get my work done. However, one thing I feel like is a fault is a missing atmosphere of working in an office versus working at home. When working in an office you have fewer distractions compared to where you may have kids in the background and parents or siblings talking all around the house. This has made virtual meetings difficult but luckily most of my tasks, like data management, I can complete with the noise.

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