Rian Jackson (February 1, 2020): Blog number 7 January

I am getting very close to finalizing my goals and get them under way. My goals have changed much from when I first started planning, and setting goals for my gap year. Very soon I am going to embark for my first gap year program. Over all, some goals have remained the same such as locations I am planning to visit as well as my overall theme for the year but others have changed in various ways.

From the beginning something has remained constant, which is the theme and goal for this gap year. This theme focuses around conservation based projects and volunteer work. This goal has been achieved by my choice of projects. As of now I have gotten into two of my originally selected projects. Churchill Northern Study Center, and Ambious Farm. Both of these projects help assist with climate research and conservation by studying what is happening in their current climate and looking into ways to still provide the needs of people with less negative impact on the surrounding ecosystems.

But some of my goals have changed for example my last project I am planning on attending has always been in flux, my first choice would not work because of unavailability of flights. Then I shifted my attention to the isle of Egg witch did not pan out. So my goals changed again to the Isle of Sky, which like the isle of Egg did not pan out as well. So this last goal is still in flux and I must keep working on finding a goal which is achievable. Moving forward I am going to look for some sustainable Wolfing Projects near where I will be and see if I can find one that fits my needs as well as helping keep with my overall theme for this amazing opportunity given to me.

I am soon going to start working towards my goals that I have spent this time setting up. On February 3rd I am departing for my first program and am excited to start working on my many goals. Some of the goals I know that will be achieved by the time I leave the first location included learning more about the locals of the area and the history of the local land. As well I hope to at least sit in on one if not more of the lectures going on at the first location that the volunteer are allowed to sit in on. Completing the above mentioned goals as well as any others that might pop up is what excites me about going on this gap year.

Overall I feel like my goals have been relatively solid since I started this journey but some have shifted slightly and others have completely changed their self and furthermore some are still shifting. But as always I am planning on moving forward and doing everything I can to achieve the goals set for myself. As I set off I will be better able to answer the questions provided and even add pictures so that those following this blog can see what pages I am making towards my goals.

Published by Warren Oliver

CRE Associate Director for Global Programming

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