Rian Jackson: March (Blog 8)

This gap year even though it has just started has provided me with some challenges and failures that i needed to overcome as well as some times that I needed to be brave. The biggest challenge for me was getting to the first stage of my gap year, Churchill CA. This was tricky because of the fact that there are no roads to the town so I would have to use planes and trains to get there.

The first real problem that required some bravery was when I was temporarily stopped at the Canadian border. This alone was not a big deal but it was a problem because of my flight timing. Because of the stop at the border I was delayed about one hour. This alone is not a problem but the airline I was flying changed the flights so that the flight leaving was much sooner. Because of this and the holdup I missed the flight. This was a big fail on my part. So from that point I had to be brave and work with the people at the airport who were super nice to me and figure out a way to get a flight to where I needed to be, as well as still be on time. Luckily through some talking and work I got changed to a new airline which had the flights to get me to the train station in Winnipeg.

Once I got to the train it was relatively simple and fun over the course of the train ride. I got plenty of time to talk to the other passengers and there were some very interesting and fun people on the train. I had many times to be nice on that train and I took every chance to do that. This is very fun to do because it gives you a good feeling and improves the other person’s day. Another great example of kindness not only from me but also directed towards me is how the other volunteers and I work together. Even from the start we meshed very well and every day even if we are not required to be working, we will help out with others tasks in order to get them finished quicker and provide more time to explore the wonderful location we are staying at. Over all this extra little bit of kindness both on my and their part has made my stay here so much more enjoyable and continues to amaze me how nice these people are even though I have not known them much.

Over all so far in my gap year I have seen some wonderful things and faced some challenges and had to work hard to overcome them. But this hardship and choosing to do something nice and bounce back is part of the gap year and one of the things that makes it so important to me as a person. Because I truly believe that falling, recovering and, being kind are something you need to learn in the real world and not a class room and this program has and is still giving me a chance to do just that.

Published by Warren Oliver

CRE Associate Director for Global Programming

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