Alex: Waking Early, Creating Space and Knowing when to Stop

Working remotely has been interesting if I were to describe it. Interesting in the sense that it gives me more freedom than expected and the downside of having to maintain that balance of work and relaxation. In the beginning, I truly did struggle to properly wake up and do my work, because I have always woken up at 6 am whenever I’ve had school for as long as I can remember. Now that I don’t have to wake up so early in order to be on time I take my time and I’m quite reluctant to wake up because of how comfortable my bed is. What I have realized is that while no one is actually looking at me now, I’m doing myself a disservice by wasting the day away lazing away in bed. I simply feel like I could be doing better ya know?

So, in order to stop lazing around in bed I wake up at 8 and cook breakfast so I can start the day on a full stomach and for each hour of work I do, I take 20 minutes to myself in order to relax and chill. Working remotely has taught me that the temptation of laziness is even stronger now, because not only are you essentially working at your own pace but the uptight and professional nature of working at the office no longer exists. So it’s just you and your work and truthfully sometimes work can be daunting and that little voice in your head keeps telling you to simply do your work later it’s alright!

So to help make sure that I find that motivation to work I set up a little office space for myself with what little room I have. This little personal office space consist of my laptop, speaker, Goku black statue, multitude of pens sprawled about, a planner and a drawer with some snacks. I made this little space because it gets me motivated to work, a personal space of my own where I can turn up my music and work without a care in the world is perfect for me!

Finding the work-life balance in remote work has also been difficult. It has been hard because there is not a clear stop time. Work stops when the assignments for the day are completed or when I burn out. To make sure that I don’t burn out from working too much I have been reading in my free time and before bed. The book I am reading is called Four Kings by George Kimballwhich is about the last golden age of boxing and its four kings (Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hit Man Hearns, and Roberto Duran).         

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