Immunocompromised During a Pandemic

Anonymous Author – My experience with the pandemic has been varied. Some days, there was immense fear. How would I fare if I got it? How would my mom? I had to have hard conversations with her. What would happen if she got sick, or worse? I couldn’t talk about wills or life insurance withoutContinue reading “Immunocompromised During a Pandemic”

The Future: Uncertainty, Hope, and Change

Ansley Bilyeu – The future is something I have found myself pondering more than ever over the past few months. The future being this enormous, abstract, terrifying, yet exciting aspect of life. A part of life that seems to have so much control over each of us, not offering much control in return.  We, asContinue reading “The Future: Uncertainty, Hope, and Change”

My Experiences with Covid-19

Dean Khan – Around mid-March I left Tallahassee and drove down to see my family in Orlando, Florida, where I expected to only stay for a few weeks. Fast forward 2 months later and I am still home, and still waiting out Covid-19. Initially when coming home I was excited to see my family andContinue reading “My Experiences with Covid-19”

A Change in Perspective

MacCarthy Baker – Reflecting on the changes these past few months have brought, I am overwhelmed by the events that have brought our country and our world to where it is today. Looking back, I am embarrassed to realize how naïve I was regarding the severity of COVID-19 and the events to come. As theContinue reading “A Change in Perspective”

Getting Home from Jordan

Maddy Johnson – I had planned to be in Jordan studying Arabic for seven months, but the coronavirus had other plans. In early March, I learned that I could spend one more week in the country before evacuating only two months into my time abroad. With a week left I wanted to see it all, beginningContinue reading “Getting Home from Jordan”

Social Distancing as an Introvert

Anonymous Author – Originally, my plan was to write about my lack of motivation, but ironically, I wasn’t really motivated to do that! Instead, I thought I’d share how the quarantine has affected me, specifically as an introvert. I’ve seen a lot of people joking about how the quarantine must be an introvert’s dream comeContinue reading “Social Distancing as an Introvert”

Social Reform with Social Distance

Mia Seabrooks – George Floyd’s gruesome murder by three officers in the Minneapolis Police Department was seen throughout the nation. Don Lemon, following the murder, stated that “there are… two deadly viruses killing Americans. COVID-19, Racism-20,” (CNN, May, 2020). This is the current state of affairs in this country and many Americans young and oldContinue reading “Social Reform with Social Distance”

Civil Movement in the Age of COVID-19

Max Klavon –           The right to protest has played a crucial role in the history of American civil rights movements, with mass demonstrations (both peaceful and violent) impacting everything from women’s rights to racial equality. In recent weeks, the murder of George Floyd has served as a spark to ignite another round of protestsContinue reading “Civil Movement in the Age of COVID-19”

On a Plane to Nowhere, Part II

Abbie Whitehurst – July 14th, 11:17 AM Me and my family have been quarantining in apartments in downtown Brussels since July 2nd. We’re on day 13 today, which means in two days we get to go outside! And immediately go to the army garrison to get our IDs added to the scan-in system and toContinue reading “On a Plane to Nowhere, Part II”