Hey! I’m Desiree!

Hi! My name is Desiree Jones. I was raised in Daytona Beach and am majoring in Biomathematics. I will be participating in a program called Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) at the University of Florida this summer. I am expecting a fun time where I can get access to resources I’d lack otherwise to become a more competitive applicant to medical school such as shadowing physicians and connecting with the Dean of Medicine at the University of Florida. Additionally, I will do clinic volunteering in under resourced areas. Most discussions of health are centered around typical suburban life, so it will be valuable or my perspective to see health from a different viewpoint. Plus, we’ll be taking classes not for credit in courses that generally weed out. However I am unsure how these classes are chosen. I really want to get introduced to General Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry, Physics, or Biochemistry. I hope I have control over this choice.

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