Hey! I’m Gisela!

Hello! My name is Gisela Alvizures, I am majoring in political science double majoring in sociology, and I am from Miami, FL. I was accepted for the Moellership Program, and over the summer I will be going abroad to Guatemala thanks to the opportunity of this program. In Guatemala for my summer experience, I will be in the Pavarotti Education Center, teaching English as well as natural sciences for a project that will be on environmental conservation regarding Lake Atitlan. My primary goal was to have an environmental conservation based project, with this opportunity being the one I wanted to do the most.

My feelings about this experience include being very excited, as well as a bit nervous. I have visited Guatemala before with my family since I am Guatemalan, I am just nervous since it is my first time traveling alone. Additionally, I am looking forward to interacting with this Maya community as well as the student population community, having an insightful service learning experience this summer. With unsureness, it would mostly be having to learn for the first time traveling alone, though I am excited to go back to Guatemala since it is like my second home with family I have there.

I feel like Uma in this picture since I am very happy I was accepted for Moellership just like she’s happy about being groomed! Yet, I am still a bit nervous about traveling alone, still very excited to go to Guatemala. Also, attached my professional headshot since this is my favorite one and I am very happy I am going abroad for my summer experience! 

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