Solomon is unlike anyone I have ever met. He understands me. Solomon Shujaa is the Director of Golden Aya, the N.G.O. children’s stem program I volunteered with in Tanzania, and he is like a second brother to me. I see him as a real role-model because he is someone I am actively connected with more or less living my dream. His work is centered around the theme and idea of Pan-Africanism or the belief that a unified Africa (or the uniting of all the countries in Africa to make one single continent/country like before the Berlin Conference of 1884 and 1885) involved with active advancement and connection with people from the diaspora will lead to a better future for all African people. In doing so, he has moved to and made a life in Tanzania. He takes active steps towards his goal by opening up various business and school programs throughout Africa all under the lens of Golden Aya with the idea of building a large company that several Africans can benefit and stem from to increase long term generation and economic wealth. In doing so he consistently combats against economic neo-colonialism in Africa. A goal I hope to one day also attach myself to with increase in film-education and profitable multi-media companies in Africa. Solomon has given me a vision of a larger goal to work towards, and with that I am now I suppose more stable because I have something I am actively working towards and connected to. In getting to know Solomon I have not only majorly changed my perspective on the world and in life but as an African.

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