Crepe Catastrophe

Crepe- a thin pancake… sounds easy enough. It was not- well at least not after traveling for over 48 hours with no sleep. We had just arrived at the hostel, it was 7 A.M. and everyone was hungry, our instructor chose 3 of us tired teens and tasked us with making breakfast… crepes. I was pretty nervous because I had never made crepes before and now I had to make them for 14 people I just met. There was no time to be nervous though, we had already started making the batter and were in the middle of the communal kitchen. This situation had me feeling pretty overwhelmed because around me are over 20 other people trying to make their own breakfast while my new friends and I are trying to figure out how to pour the crepes correctly. Crepes are essentially pancakes so thin you can see through them, so pouring and cooking them was a delicate task. At first we had a few spills and unusually thick crepes but eventually we got the hang of it and were working together perfectly. By the end of this two hour ordeal my breakfast buddies and I made over 50 crepes for our group. After the initial stress of cooking in a large communal kitchen and seeing the outcome of the situation I felt relieved, not that it was over but that even though we went into this blind we still managed to complete the task correctly and in the end… we conquered the crepes.

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