Daily Routine

My transition into my position has been smooth. The first week I spent in Kosovo, I was accompanied by Professor Terry Coonan who I gained the opportunity from. I was also accompanied by entrepreneurship Professor Kim and two of her students. During our time together, we were introduced to some major movers in Kosovo. These people were involved in a multitude of career paths such as viral dressmakers Lirika & Teuta Matoshi. We met with Njomza Emini who functions as the President for the Committee of Paralympics, an organization committed to the participation of disabled peoples in sports. I got to witness the announcement that Kosovo’s Paralympics committee had secured their spot in the upcoming Olympics in Paris for the first time. This not only a win for the athletes but for Kosovo’s recognition as an independent state on the world stage.

As of July 19, 2022, both Professors and the other students have returned to their prospective locations. I am here in Kosovo on my own.

As far as Global Scholar work, it is fitting well into my schedule. With both of my internships, I am not functioning on a 9-5 schedule. I have a wealth of personal time to do other work and explore. I was not able to complete the blogs on time as my summer experience had not started, but with this time I will complete the blogs.

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