Madison Massman’s Blog Post

For this week’s UROP student spotlight, we are highlighting Madison Massman! Madison is a first-year UROP student majoring in Psychology. In UROP, she is a part of the Psychology and Neuroscience section. She is super passionate about research and hopes to eventually get her PhD in Clinical Psychology. In addition to her involvement in UROP, she is involved in the Phi Mu sorority. A fun fact about Madison is that she is from St. Louis, Missouri!

Madison is currently working with Dr. Vanessa Dennen on a project titled, “Studying feelings of guilt and shame associated with social media usage in adolescence.” 

Madison’s favorite part of UROP is learning about the different ways to conduct research and forging relationships with her mentor and team members.

When asked what you would say to a student who is interested in applying to UROP next year, Madison encourages them to apply. She adds that research is extremely valuable and it will teach you so much, no matter what you are actually researching about. It has given her many professional skills along with great experience in her field of study.

After completing UROP, Madison hopes to continue her current research with her mentor. She is also considering getting involved in a different lab with another professor as a DIS student.

Either way, she wants to continue to do research at FSU! #FSU_UROP #CRE #ThisCouldBeYou

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