Amber Dudek’s Blog Post

Amber Dudek is a UROP Leader from Fort Myers, FL. She is an Exercise Physiology major and is currently the Leader of the Exercise Physiology and Dietetics section of UROP. She is also involved in other on-campus extracurriculars such as Chi Omega and the Medical Response Unit. Her favorite part of UROP is seeing all of the incredible research that happens at Florida State, and when it comes to her colloquium, her favorite part is getting to know all of the students in her class and watching them actively learn more about research than they knew coming into the program. 

Amber’s research is in Dr. Hickner’s Lab within the College of Human Sciences. Their research involves the study of the role of NADPH oxidase in endothelial function of obese populations, although, research has been hindered by COVID this semester. Being a UROP Leader has allowed her to grow in her communication skills and help with her time management. It has also helped her with professional goals in her hopes to attend medical school in the future. She has been able to form connections and learn from people who are interested in many different areas of research, which has allowed her to broaden her knowledge and expand her perspective. 

Amber states, “I think that UROP provides a unique place for students of all majors to come together and learn from one another. To encourage a student to get involved in UROP, I would encourage them to step outside their comfort zone and apply for something new. There is always a new skill to learn, and people to meet that can help you achieve your goals. I am looking forward to helping my students create their posters for the Spring Symposium and watch them present their research at the end of the year. It will be exciting to see all of their hard work pay off.” It is clear that Amber is both passionate and excited about being a UROP Leader. 

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