Week 1 in the Philippines

In my first week in the Philippines I have finished my open water diver certification and begun my advanced training. The volunteers and staff are amazing people and I’m making friends easily and quickly. This past weekend we rented bikes and went off into the mountains to cliff dive a water fall. This has easily been one of the most memorable weeks in my life. Island life is very different from back home. To start, internet connections are a luxury that is rarly gad where I am staying. I have struggled to keep in touch with my family and friends but not do to a lack of trying. This has forced me to rethink how I connect with people and I now plan my internet usage with when I might have access. This also means that I am pretty much in the dark about anything going on outside of the island. I have attempted to get a SIM but my phone is currently incapable of using the data plan. This being said I could see myself living this way for some time. The lack of internet presents a great informational filter by which one can clear the mind and more easily access ones own thoughts.

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