Tips & What I’ve Learned

Taking a gap year has easily been the best decision I have ever made. I made some of the most amazing friends, learned lots of new things about myself, and grew into a person that is almost unrecognizable. Throughout this year I have learned more about myself and my true passions than I ever have before. I changed my major, found new hobbies, and realized what really makes me happy. It’s hard to take time and reflect when you are in school juggling assignments, playing sports, going to tutoring sessions, etc. It can be extremely overwhelming and that is exactly how I felt when graduating high school last year. I thought I knew what I wanted to major in but deep down I knew I just needed a break, to take some time and explore my passions outside of the classroom. I never in a million years thought I would take a gap year, now I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t. At first, it’s scary and lonely, you feel lost and get extremely tired of explaining what exactly you’re doing to relatives and friends. Looking at social media will cause serious Fomo and you will feel lost sometimes. This year is purely geared towards you, you can do anything you want, the hardest part is discovering where to begin!!?? When trying to find what to spend your time doing throughout your year, I recommend doing one activity that focuses on potential major interests, one activity that pursues a personal passion, and one that is just for fun. My gap year was filled with little activities and experiences that truly added to and fulfilled my year, maybe even more than the ones I planned out beforehand. With a year off of school, you will have free time, and instead of worrying about assignments or tests you need to study for, you can fill that time with new or old hobbies. I realized I really like to read, color, and make smoothies. My biggest advice is to let yourself feel, don’t be afraid of experiencing FOMO or even just the feeling of being lost. Never say no to a new opportunity if one arises! You plan your gap year to the best of your ability but once you immerse yourself in this new space opportunities may come forth that better fit your needs or interests. If you are like me you may have a complete change in direction, this is your year to fulfill your passions, make adjustments to better benefit your experience, and don’t be afraid to start over when creating your proposal. I am now extremely excited to start in the fall at FSU and I am very thankful for the community I have been involved in and will be joining.

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